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Get in early!

Make trading safer while earning passive rewards.




Our mission is to help you maximize your gains while empowering you with tools to keep you safe and informed.


Introducing Liquid. The platform that will help you spot malicious contracts, potential rug pulls and avoid scams. We filter out the garbage so you can focus on the gems. 💎

Get In Early

Get In Early

Liquid is a quick and responsive scanner and analytical platform which identifies new token pairings that appear on the BSC network in real time. Liquid allows you to filter your listings to align with your metrics and criteria.



Our platform helps our users safely navigate the BSC environment by empowering them with a comprehensive user-friendly suite of tools to conduct your own research.



Unprecedented security checks, options, and filters to allow you to set your criteria and put you in control.

During BETA to utilize this tool you must hold Early Bird tokens


About Early Bird

Early Bird is a reward yield token that pays passive dividends just by holding it in your wallet.

Holding EarlyBird also allows you access to the Liquid platform

Easily manage your earnings portfolio


Get paid however you want and manage your dividends rewards through an intuitive and user friendly dashboard.

- Get paid however you want! Early Bird puts you in control of how you want to be paid. As a holder you will have access to a wide curated and approved list of crypto to choose from. By default, you'll be paid in BNB.

- Manage automatic payments through our comprehensive earning dashboard

- Stake your tokens for up to 100% additional rewards

- Grow your portfolio with tax free auto buy-back system for compounded interest

Total Dividends Paid







5.5% of every transaction is distributed as rewards amongst Early Bird holders

5.5% of every transaction is allocated towards an operations pool to fund development and marketing.



Phase I

  • EarlyBird token launch

  • Listed on CMC and CG

  • EarlyBird Dashboard

  • Set up platform infrastructure

  • Scanner functionality v1.0

  • Research functionality v1.0

  • Launch limited closed beta

Phase II

  • Holder information

  • Trades and recent volume

  • Swap functionality

  • Token social media info

  • Wallet authentication

  • Contract source code explorer

  • Contract ABI explorer

Phase III

  • Liquid sniper bot

  • Move to freemium model

  • Add additional feature tiers

  • Ad platform and promoted tokens

  • Watchlist/favorites functionality

  • Advanced mint detector

Phase IV

  • Mobile app/notifications

  • Price charts

  • Wallet tracker

  • Expand to different blockchains

  • Social features

  • Advanced contract code explorer

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