Early Bird

Early Bird
Automatically receive BNB or the tokens of your choice for holding Early Bird with the ability to auto-reinvest for compounded interest.


15% of every sell and 6% of every buy is distributed amongst Early Bird holders.
1% of every transaction is converted to liquidity.
No Dev Tokens
4% of every transaction is allocated towards an operations pool to fund future development and marketing.
No minimum amount required to collect rewards
Tax free auto-reinvestment option
Get paid in what you want
Stake your tokens for up to 2x the rewards!

Phase A

Rocketship Program

Safe and trusted place to participate in

unique, safe, and feature rich token

launches that benefit

Early Bird holders.

road map


  • Website launch
  • Earning dashboard launch
  • Presale launch
  • Lock liquidity
  • Coingecko listing
  • Early Bird Swap
  • CoinmarketCap listing
  • Staking functionality
  • Ground work for Early Bird ecosystem expansion
  • First rocket ship launch! 🚀
  • Early Bird buy with Visa
  • Continued rocket ship launches! 🚀🚀🚀
  • Centralized exchange listing
  • Influncer partnerships
  • YouTube videos
  • New coin listing scanner utility
road map

How To Buy

Download MetaMask or TrustWallet

Download MetaMask and set it up on the Binance Smart Chain network or download TrustWallet if you're on mobile.

Buy and send BNB to MetaMask

Buy BNB. Transfer the tokens to your MetaMask or TrustWallet address.

Go to PancakeSwap and swap BNB for $EBIRD

Go to PancakeSwap. Set the slippage tolerance to 11-13% (depending on volume)

View EBIRD in your wallet

Swap BNB for EBIRD. If EBIRD does not show up in your wallet automatically, you will need to add EBIRD to your MetaMask (Tutorial here) or Trust Wallet to view your $EBIRD. (Decimals: 9)

road map


Early Bird’s unique reward system correlates with volume activity from both purchases and sales of the token which covers the gas fees required to iterate through the holders in order to execute the necessary code to distribute the dividend rewards.

The trading activity will affect the frequency of automatic payouts. Our user-friendly and comprehensive dashboard provides detailed information about your position in the payout queue amongst other information such as your earnings.

If you hold 10 billion tokens or more you will receive payout automatically in the token of your choice (BNB by default).

Holders with less than 10 billion tokens in their wallets will have to claim manually through the Early Bird dashboard.

By default, rewards will be in the form of BNB. However the Early Bird dashboard gives our holders the freedom to choose.

Simply use the Early Bird Earnings Dashboard and enable auto-reinvestment. By default we have turned this option off to put you in control.


Our liquidity will be locked for one year!

We have coded the token to operate on success driven mechanics.

What does that mean?

Unlike other projects that contain large dev and marketing wallets are an inherit rug pull risk or affect the chart and liquidity when sold.

Early Bird collects 4% of all transactions which is allocated towards an operations pool to fund future development. This ensures that the dev team and holders motivations are aligned and that the dev team is in it for the long haul!

Your success equals our success!

Liquidity will be locked for one year after launch and renewal lock after the one year time frame has elapsed. Proof of locked liquidity will be shown here right after launch!

No, as this not a meme coin we need to retain ownership in order to make necessary adjustments to the token, such adding or removing tokens from our curated list or updating our dividend tracker with new capabilities like staking and putting Early Bird on a CEX.

Our contract does not allow us to mint new tokens or drain funds from the dividends pool, we can only perform maintenance tasks for the health and longevity of this project.

Early Bird has a max sell transaction of 0.1% of the total supply or 1 Trillion tokens. Make sure you're selling less than that

Sell taxes are high, so ensure that your slippage is set to 25-27% depending on market volume

Questions/Enquiries? Contact us at : contact@ebird.finance
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